Make your mark

Skute is the first physically connected social network.
Create your own channel and connect with each other and the world around you.

Watch it in action

Skute is the first physically connected social network.
Create your own channel and connect with each other and the world around you.

Watch it in action

Welcome to the world of Skute

Skute is a cool new way to express your creativity and find fresh content.

Touch, discover and pass it on.

Simply charge up a Skute with anything you want to share and set it free into the world.

Wear it how you want it, or leave it somewhere, just waiting to be found. Skute is an amazing new way to create, share and discover.

Simply make stuff, capture it, and whack it on a Skute.

Your Skute is a part of you. It shows who you are and what you love.

Whether you're capturing stuff to share with friends or want to leave your mark somewhere, the possibilities are endless. So get creative and do something different.

Watch how others are using Skute

Shout it from the rooftops or show it to a chosen few. You decide exactly who sees what and when.

Create and share with the people that matter. Once you're connected to someone via their Skute you can share anything you want with them, safe in the knowledge that it won't appear outside of your Skute network.

With Skute's awesome sharing tools you're in complete control. You decide who, when, where and for how long someone sees your stuff.

Spot a Skute out in the wild and simply tap your phone on it to unlock a secret digital world.

Connect with influencers and creatives in your area. Be part of an underground movement that's all yours, to do with what you want!

Be the first to find exclusive and undiscovered music, fashion and brands, as well as amazing offers and freebies.

The Skute network uses NFC technology to connect.

Any device that can detect NFC will instantly access any content on the Skute.

Using the app you have full control of the Skutes you create or the ones you discover.

With the Skute app you can

  • View content on any Skute
  • Transfer videos, pictures, audio and more from your phone to a Skute.
  • Set restrictions on the content you share
  • Follow Skutes and get instant updates
  • Discover new Skutes near you
  • Share what you find with others on the network

The Skute Tags

Skutes Tags come in a huge range of colours and designs.

Combine it with an interchangable fabric band for unlimited combinations for you to wear it how you want.

Strap it to a bag, wrap it around your wrist or tag it to your trainers the Skute can be with you wherever you go.

Visit the shop to choose your combo

The Skute Pods

Want to leave your Skute somewhere for anyone to discover?

Get yourself one of our silicone wallmounts.

Simply snap your Skute Pod into the back and stick it anywhere you want. The eye catching colours and design will help your Skute stand out a mile for all to find.

Better still turn on the Location settings and it will feature on the Skute Map waiting to be tapped on.

Get yours now

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Skute™ is a Trademarked brand of Skute Limited (Registration Number 07780777)